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JTQ was founded to create, identify and participate in the resultant
opportunities within South Africa as well as the key thrust of providing a turnkey solution.

Jump The Que is 100% owned by a Historically Disadvantaged Individual and employs skilled historically disadvantaged individuals, who all boast a track record in trade & economic development. Jump The Que has invested in the essential resources that ensure efficient and fast service delivery as per project and general service. We ensure the most economical, fast and suitable service is offered to the client, and “supply & feedback” are part of our turnkey service that sets to bring a new vision. Investing back in the community (e.g. education, creating employment, etc) ensures that our entity grows together with its surrounding.

Our objective is to play a major role in providing the public/private sector with professional services. We have strategic partners in most of the professional industries to maximise quality delivery, thus assisting Government in its service delivery in line with the policy objectives. We specialise in concept development and project management, thus acquiring any relevant professional expertise and managing them to successful project execution & completion.

about us